Request for new feature - SSB and CW filter bandwidth #request

Martin - G8JNJ


Would it be possible to define both the lower and upper receive bandwidth of the IF passband by dragging the filter edges on the spectrum display when using SSB and CW ?

Most of the time the filter bandwidths need to be changed on the fly to either avoid unwanted signals that would otherwise be within the pass band, or to shift the filter passband edges relative to the tuned frequency such as when using CW (morse) in order to obtain the users preferred side tone tone and filter shape.

I know it should be possible to do this using the Extended FFT plugin but.

1. It doesn't work for me, as I don't seem to be able to obtain filtered output from the Ext FFT plugin
2. The filter settings are not retained when I close SDR#
3. There can sometimes be a clash between the filter bandwidth defined by the spectrum display and the bandwidth defined by the FFT plugin(s).
4. It's much more convenient to just define the filter bandwidth on the main spectrum rather than having to loose a chunk of spectrum and waterfall display in order to open the FFT plugin and mess around with that to obtain the required filter shape.

Alternatively, can anyone advise me of an alternative method(s) to achieve what I want ?