Spyserver, odroid xu4, audio glitches/echoee #spyserver

Bingo TheClowno

I am having some difficulties with Spyverter audio streaming.
Everything works as it supposed to except the audio, it is glitchy.
I tried different buffer settings but nothing.
I have an odroid xu4, it is running headless, and interrupts are set on the "big" cores (from here:
Still no go. The sound is fine for about 30 seconds, maybe while the buffer fills up, then glitchy and echos
The settings in spyserver.config:
fft_fps = 10
fft_bin_bits = 16
buffer_size_ms = 100 (increased from 50)
buffer_count = 10

Audio buffer in SDR#

And I see the stream go from ~300kb/s to ~180kb/s when the glitches happen as if something is throttling down the speed.
Is it windows 10 or Odroid? Any ideeas?
Any help is appreciated.


Bingo TheClowno

Can RaspberryPi handle the 8MHz bandwidth then? Thinking of switching to it, Odroid's 1.8V pin levels is another drawback.