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Seyha Khum

Hello from Cambodia!

My name is Seyha Khom. I am a high school student at Liger Leadership Academy in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I am currently working on a project to distribute Software Defined Radio (SDRs) to secondary public schools in Cambodia. My aim is to introduce a new field to students in Cambodia because this country has never had any major development in this type of technology since the Khmer rouge. The student’s view in the government schools is very narrow since they aren’t exposed to much of the outside world. Many students only have dreams to become doctors or teachers because of their limited exposure. I want to offer this new change hoping to widen their view of the world and create more radio enthusiasts in Cambodia. I am also hoping to lead this into a stepping stone for Cambodia’s establishment of satellite experts and creators in the future generations.

I have a donated SDR in school that I used to learn about this technology. I have also tried the SDR with my homemade antenna to catch the satellite signal. It was a successful trial and I got pictures from the Nova 19 plus various other signals from CubeSats around the globe. My plan is to share my experience with other students in Cambodia by introducing it as a new curriculum. However, my school doesn’t have enough budget to help me with this project. Therefore, I would like to consult all of you on this page about how I could acquire the SDR? Does anyone here know who I can contact or what grants I can apply for that might be able to support this project? My goal is to raise enough money to obtain 4 to 5 SDR.

Here is some more information about the project that utilized the SDR -



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