HF+ and UHF Satcom Pirates Trivec Avant

Simon Brown



It’s not ‘near gainless’, gain is stated to be 8dBi which is better than a hole in the head, also the pattern reduces a lot of noise from the office such as my UPS (square wave noise generator).


It’s a very handy antenna.


Simon Brown, G4ELI



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Sent: 06 November 2017 10:19
Subject: Re: [airspy] HF+ and UHF Satcom Pirates Trivec Avant


Rightho. You do seem to be be getting at least or better reception from sats on your near-gainless log-periodic than I do with dedicated QFH/Crossed tor WX and several Trivec Avants for SATCOM. I suspect though that you may have an amazingly low noise floor. I was not far from you a few weeks ago (Falmouth) but forgot to take a radio (on the plus side, Mrs Meduzi-Jellyfish didn't have a reason to complain about it, so not everything was lost :)

Meduzi Jellyfish <iain@...>

So it is. My apologies to your antenna. :)