Does anyone know on this reflector how to set up RTL 820T with SDRsharp or HDSDR. on the DROP DOWN MENU RTLUSB does not show up. Yet the driver was installed successfully so what is the problem??. Funcube pro works fine with both softwares.
If someone can help me it would be much appreciated thank you

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From: serge
Sent: Monday, September 02, 2013 4:11 PM
Subject: RTLsdr with HDSDR & SDRSHARP

Hi folks
I just got a RTL 820T cannot get it to work with HDSDR  or SDRSHARP. Since I use window XP I downloaded zadig_xp_ V2.0.1 160 7Z to installed  the RTL driver. It was installed successfully   WinUSB (v6.1.7600.16385) then I went  to options picked bulking interface 0 as suggested.
I also installed for HDSDR the EXtio RTl.dll   I use a 4 ports hub with its own power. When I start HDSDR the EXtio is illuminated & select RTL EXtio.dll file I get  sound but i have to push the slider WAY UP. There is also an icon saying RF +30.If i raise the slider the HDSDR software freezes. I guess the RTL does not have a soundcard because none shows up but the computer one. when soundcard icon is selected????
One more thing when I double click On the Illuminated EXtio a window called  RTL SETTINGS comes up & read as follows DIRECT SAMPLING DISABLED,SAMPLE RATE 0.25Msp PLL LOCKED, TUNER AGC,RTL AGC,OFFSET TUNING NOT CLICKED
Now for SDRsharp
I select CONFIGURE & get RTLsdr/TCP which I select Then  I click play a window comes up & reads as follow:
" no connections could be made because the target actively refused it 1234 "     Now I assume that 1234 are the ports of the hub I am using.???
Also if I click on CONFIGURE a window comes up & says : RTL-TCP Settings
                                                                                                      Host : 127.0.0/1
                                                                                                      PORTS 1234
                                                                                                      sample rate 2.048 MSPS
                                                                                                      RTL AGC NOT indicated
                                                                                                      RF  gain OFF
Now I wonder if i should select ONLY the port where the RTL is plugged in??? or does it matter since it is a HUB???
BTW I use also a Funcube dongle Pro with HDSDR & SDRSHARP  with no problems.
Your help will be very much appreciated thank you!!!!
73, Serge/VE1KG


Mike you are the "MAN" following your instructions I downloaded the SDRsharp which applies to RTL & got at last the RTL/USB in the configuration Window. I clicked on Configure & a window showed up called RTL settings. I adjusted the RF gain as you suggested up to 40. Now is there anything else I should indicate in that window please. like RTL AGC, TUNER AGC ECT ECT
Thank you so much for the clarity of your instructions.