install.bat Using the Wrong Version of Zadig?


Hi I'm the OP in this thread. I did get the RT820T dongle working by tossing the attempt to use the up-to-date Zadig driver helper. Yes I admit it was dumb to try that from the beginning.

I also posted a reply in this a day or two ago stating the above, and thanking everyone for their patience with me.

But that post either was never posted by Yahoo Groups or deleted by someone other than me (likely Yahoo's fault, Yahoo Groups is notoriously bad for losing/delaying posts in my experience).

Anyway, I'm probably going try the newest XP Zadig driver again at a later date. I'll post back the results when and if that happens.

Thank you again everyone. Much appreciated.

Regards, David

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Sadly I do not know what the frimbling zagnuts he's trying to do. All
he has to do is press the fringling button to install the driver. There
is NOTHING IN ZADIG about pointing to rtlsdr.dll or any of that nonsense.


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Can someone else help here ??? I have exhausted my knowledge base. And if
David ever gets that far along, I suspect he still needs to properly set up his
Administrator account, especially if he is running Win XP PRO.
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Hi again Marion,

Yes, I did understand what you said about being Administrator. There is only
one account on this machine and in Control Panel > User Accounts, that
single account I am using is listed as "Computer administrator".

So are you saying that if in Zadig, when the box Driver Current: says (NONE)
I just click the big Install Driver button anyway and all will be OK with
the rest of the configuration?

If-so, that's not what's shown on the two online SDRSharp tutorials I'm
looking at show. It seems (NONE) should say something other than (NONE).

Best Regards, David

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> You said.....
> In Zadig, Driver Current says: (NONE), Driver Target says: WinUSB
> (v6.1.7600.16385).
> At this point select the (0) device and simply install Zadig (You should
> have run Zidag as the Administrator). You did understand my comments
> about trying to install with Admin Privileges, did you not ??
> Marion