New SDR# release r1730 with High DPI support #announcements #software

Tudor Vedeanu

What does "High DPI support" mean in this case? On my Surface Pro 4 the app looks exactly the same like the older versions, i.e. the UI text and the controls are still pixelated (not sharp and crisp like Windows Explorer, Office etc.).



Additional bug:  Frequency Manager plugin now allows sorting of "Description" and "Frequency" in 3 modes (ascending, descending, and unsorted).  However after changing sort mode, when double-clicking on an entry displayed in any mode but unsorted, the tuner goes to a different entry (presumably from a previous sort view).


Thanks for your awesome work!  Minor bug report:  the mouse scroll wheel no longer works to adjust while hovering over Zoom/Contrast/Range/Offset sliders.


Quick update: I added a "Snap To Peak" feature that helps clicking more precisely on very narrow signals.
You can now use the Control key when hovering a signal with the mouse to snap to it, then you can click.
This feature is compatible with "Snap To Grid". Which means, if you enable a certain step size, the Control + Hover will snap to multiples of the step size.

Download as usual from: