New SDR# release r1730 with High DPI support #announcements #software


Quick update: I added a "Snap To Peak" feature that helps clicking more precisely on very narrow signals.
You can now use the Control key when hovering a signal with the mouse to snap to it, then you can click.
This feature is compatible with "Snap To Grid". Which means, if you enable a certain step size, the Control + Hover will snap to multiples of the step size.

Download as usual from:


Thanks for your awesome work!  Minor bug report:  the mouse scroll wheel no longer works to adjust while hovering over Zoom/Contrast/Range/Offset sliders.


Additional bug:  Frequency Manager plugin now allows sorting of "Description" and "Frequency" in 3 modes (ascending, descending, and unsorted).  However after changing sort mode, when double-clicking on an entry displayed in any mode but unsorted, the tuner goes to a different entry (presumably from a previous sort view).

Tudor Vedeanu

What does "High DPI support" mean in this case? On my Surface Pro 4 the app looks exactly the same like the older versions, i.e. the UI text and the controls are still pixelated (not sharp and crisp like Windows Explorer, Office etc.).