Airspy Mini options through SpyServer #sdrsharp #spyserver #raspberrypi


Hello everyone,

I just bought an AirSpy Mini, I'm after some narrowband digital signals at 900MHz and like the built-in LNA (supplemented by an external LNA) and 12-bit resolution. However, it seems I lose a lot of control when using the Mini through a SpyServer on a RaspberryPi with SDR#. Specifically I'm talking about the if/mixer/lna gain settings and decimation, which the latter in particular seems to help greatly in decoding the target signals. All I have is an overall gain setting (from 0 to 29) and a bandwidth dropdown. Is there any way to keep the finer control while going through a SpyServer? I really need the remote capability, being tethered to USB isn't useful in this particular application, but I can do it as a stopgap for now.



Maybe I'll ask more directly, is there a way to control decimation with SDR# and SpyServer?