Need Help Getting Started With Three Airspy Mini Dongles and SpyServer #sdrsharp #RTL #raspberrypi #software


Hi All,
 Just received three AirSpy Mini dongles.  Unfortunately, there is not much I can find on how to use them. Especially with SpyServer. Here is what I am  trying to do.
1) Create a SpyServer on a Raspberry pi 3 b+.  I have done that. I created three config files, one for each AirSpy dongle based on serial number. I start three services linked to each config file and dongle. All seems well.
2) I install SDR# on Windows 10. I can start three instances and connect to each service on the Raspberry Pi. All seems well.
3) I want to run ADS-B for on another machine, preferable Raspberry,  and link it to the SpyServer dongle I have set up for it. Stuck here, need help getting started. I currently use an RTL-SDR dongle and Dump1090 on a Pi 3 b+. 
4) I want to Capture Weather Satellite images. Need help getting started on which Windows or Raspbian solution to use so as to connect to the proper dongle made available by the SpyServer. I currently use an RTL-SDR and the same Pi.
5) I want to capture Aviation Chatter at the local Airport. Need to be pointed the right direction. Currently using RTL-SDR and the same Pi. 
Using the same Pi and three RTL-SDR dongles, I have gotten all of this to work. But I am hoping fix what ain't broke, (I need a project),  so that is why I obtained the AirSpy Mini dongles and am starting over. I prefer to use Raspberry but not a Raspbian fundamentalist. If Windows or another Linux OS is the way to go, I'll go that way. I prefer not to host any of these projects on the SpyServer machine but if the is the way to go, I'll go that way too. But because of future considerations, running the three projects and SpyServer on separate machine is the way I want to go. 

Any links, caveats, or help getting started on any of my projects will be sincerely appreciated.
John Ullom