RPi, AirspyHF+ WellBrook Loop #airspyhfplus #spyserver #raspberrypi

Bazz <barry.whitehead@...>

So I have been running a spyserver with a HF+ via a RPi 3+
All was OK, and now that I have seen better performance from moving the HF+ to a virtual machine (just moved the USB input from the RPi to the ESXi VM server)
I am now getting better performance, lower noise floor, better reception and less general interference.

Though I updated the firmware, I still didn't see much difference when using the RPi, but since it is now connected to my VM box, things are so much better.


Hi Bazz.

Your VM server is less noisy, than the RPi 3+, which results in better performance.
There are posts at various places on the www about high RFI levels and conducted interference from RPi's.
Personally i'm a bit reluctant to use RPi's, as i have not seen a enclosure with decent RFI properties for those yet and i don't have the proper tools to build one myself.

Maybe someone on this forum have some nice ideas or pictures to share?