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Larry and Gayle Van Horn reviewed the Airspy HF+ Discovery for The Spectrum Monitor Magazine 2 messages By kb3cs ·
Nils Schiffhauer DK8OK reviewed the Airspy HF+ Discovery for Radio User Magazine By prog ·
Airspy HF+ Discovery review by Larry Van Horn N5FPW for The Spectrum Monitor magazine 4 messages By Greg Ella ·
Airspy HF+ and HF+ Discovery side to side test - 2 messages By prog · Edited
#review By Lee McDaniel ·
locked Airspy HF+ made it to the RSGB's RadCom Magazine 10 messages By Graham ·
Another nice HF+ review By prog ·
New HF+ evaluation report by Bjarne Mjelde 12 messages By Dave GW4GTE ·
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