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Getting Audio Out from SDR# programatically 10 messages By Edward MacDonald ·
Airspy HF+ Discovery under Ubuntu Linux 20.04 LTS 10 messages By Willian Fidencio ·
Advice for research project on detecting appliance use from radiated EMF noise 11 messages By jdow ·
#experiment LZ1AQ Boards (Have a new batch of boards) 2 messages By Alberto I2PHD ·
Need advice: Which Airspy SDR is better for DX FM? 10 messages By Brieuc ·
Transmission lines, Input match and Connectors 56 messages By jdow ·
Ferrite antenna for Airspy HF+ 33 messages By prog ·
Halfband filter of airspy_set_conversion_filter_int16() 6 messages By Kenji Rikitake JJ1BDX ·
Airspy HF+ Availibily at Globaltuners 2 messages By Andrea IW0HDV ·
moderated Common mode experiments with HF+ by Leif Asbrink SM5BSZ 3 messages By prog ·
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