Re: [SDRSharp] From a SDR Grapevine...

Alberto I2PHD

You will need a lot of CPU power only when you are going up with the sampling frequency after the DDC.
For example, the latest DLL from Elad optionally can send a chunk of 6 MHz of band to the PC.
While this has the positive aspect of showing you about 4.8 MHz of alias-free bandwidth into which
perform your software-side tuning, this also means that the PC has to cope with 3 x 2 x 6e6 = 36 Mbytes/sec
of data. While this is still (barely) within the capabilities of an USB2 high speed interface, all those data
must be taken care of by the CPU.� Here an i5, or better yet, an i7 is mandatory, preferably one of the
new chips of the Haswell family.

73� Alberto� I2PHD

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