Re: [SDRSharp] The recorded WAV file

Alberto I2PHD

On 8/8/2013 6:07 AM, Dean wrote:

Now, that said, what we have here is a failure for the various WAV players to be able to
playback the WAV files recorded with the Baseband option checked.

Why do you want to do that ? A baseband WAV file is NOT meant to be played back as it is by
a standard WAV player...� it contains the I/Q phasors that describe the entire band recorded,
and it should be played back only with the program that recorded it, or with another SDR program
that can accept that format...� and when you play it back, you can tune inside the recorded
frequency segment to select one signal or another.

Only the Audio WAV files are meant to be played back through a standard player, be it VLC,
Winamp, etc. etc.�� And they contain just the audio of the station that was received at the
time of the recording.

Baseband and audio WAV files are two completely different things... they just share the WAV
extension, but the RIFF headers are somewhat different. For example, in the baseband recording
they usually (but not always, it depends on the specific SDR program) contain the timestamp
of the recording, the central (zero Hz) frequency, the RBW, etc.� and this info is used by the
SDR software when it plays back the recording.

Playing such a file through e.g. VLC either causes an error, or anyway produces no interesting
sounds, apart maybe a high-pitched hiss....�

73 Alberto I2PHD

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