Re: [SDRSharp] Frequency range of various DVB receiver chips:

Alberto I2PHD

On 7/12/2013 4:09 PM, David J Taylor wrote:

It's just a listing for the sake of completeness, Alberto.  But if you take 
a look at this chart:

it does suggest a few signals of interest, and I guess some of the E4000 may 
go up to 2.3 GHz, although I've not checked that myself.  Some folk may 
already have E4000 chips which they bought earlier, or without knowing of 
the limitations.


�� thanks for that chart, I haven't seen it before, and surely it can be useful as a reference material.
But before my E4000-based dongle died (I have now an R820T), I wasn't able to receive anything
in that segment, not even with a decent antenna on the roof. Maybe in my part of the world those
frequencies are unallocated, or, if they are, not actually used...

73 Alberto I2PHD

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