Re: install.bat Using the Wrong Version of Zadig?


I just tried a DIFFERNENT WinXP SP3+ machine that has never previously seen any RTL-SDR dongles plugged-in. Yes, I am admin on this different machine.

Same problem. zadig.exe installed by's install.bat script says Driver Current: (NONE). But I can see both Bulk-In 0 1n 1 interfaces. But there's no way to change Driver Current: (NONE) to point to the dongle. This is with the previously used brand-new NooElec R820T dongle.

Then I plug a brand-new NooElec Terratec (E4000 tuner) dongle in to the new XP machine, and I get the same Driver Current: (NONE) with no way to change it in Zadig. The VID and PID for the new Terratec dongle look OK in Zadig, they match the VID and PID that I see in Device Manager before ever running Zadig.

I tried the new Terratec dongle on the previous WinXP machine used in this thread. With the never previously plugged-in Terratec dongle, zadig.exe also says Driver Current: (NONE), with no way to change it. The VID and PID in Zadig match what I see in Device Manager before running Zadig for the Terratec dongle.

Again, I'm using the current install.bat extracted from sdr-install.bat from site tonight.

This is very frustrating...

These two machines are running GENUINE 32-bit Windows XP SP3+ with all the latest updates. Both are 32-bit Intel x86. The only anti-virus is Microsoft Security Essentials. The USB ports are version 2.0.

What do I do about this prolific and unchangeable Driver Current: (NONE) problem in Zadig?

I've dumbed this down to a common denominator of a new up to date XP machine using's install.bat. And the Zadig problem persists.

I get a feeling there's something simple I'm missing here (sound of head banging on the desk)...

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Hi again Marion,

Yes, I did understand what you said about being Administrator. There is only one account on this machine and in Control Panel > User Accounts, that single account I am using is listed as "Computer administrator".

So are you saying that if in Zadig, when the box Driver Current: says (NONE) I just click the big Install Driver button anyway and all will be OK with the rest of the configuration?

If-so, that's not what's shown on the two online SDRSharp tutorials I'm looking at show. It seems (NONE) should say something other than (NONE).

Best Regards, David

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You said.....
In Zadig, Driver Current says: (NONE), Driver Target says: WinUSB
At this point select the (0) device and simply install Zadig (You should
have run Zidag as the Administrator). You did understand my comments
about trying to install with Admin Privileges, did you not ??


On Wed, 10 Jul 2013 14:28:14 -0000 "drmail377" <drmail377@>

OK, this time I'm just using the install.bat script from
But (maybe) there is still a problem with the zadig.exe installed by

I am running WinXp SP3+ with Admin privs and .NET 3.5+ installed.

I download from's Download page and unzip

I run install.bat

install.bat downloads all the software and puts it into a director

Inside &#92;sdrsharp I run zadig.exe

Note, at post time (10 July 2013) clicking Help > About in Zadig reveals:

Zadig, Version

In Zadig, I select Options > List All Devices.

Two Bulk-In Interfaces appear:

Bulk-In, Interface (Interface 0), and Bulk-in (Interface 1).

I Select Bulk-In, Interface (Interface 0)

For my dongle (NooElect R820T SDR & DVB-T), Zadig shows VID: 0BDA, PID:
2838, MI: 00. The VID and PID are correct in Zadig. I determined the VID
and PID for this dongle in Device Manger previously before running Zadig.

In Zadig, Driver Current says: (NONE), Driver Target says: WinUSB

There is no way to change Driver Current: (NONE) to point to the RTL-SDR
dongle. Not from Zadig's Device drop-down or from Options > List All

I close Zadig without letting it install anything.

Again, I'm following install instructions from:


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