Re: [SDRSharp] Re: RTL-SDR / USB

jdow <jdow@...>

On 2013/07/06 10:17, Alberto I2PHD wrote:

/As a hunch I ran SDRSharp.exe with the Right Click > Run as Administrator.
No error message! /
Never understood why people do run their Windows installations under a user that
does not have
full administrative rights.... I run as administrator, with UAC fully turned
off, I am on Internet since
when the name "World Wide Web" did not exist yet, and I still have to catch my
first virus...

73 Alberto I2PHD
All it takes is one typo these days. I did that during an install for XP
when it was fairly fresh. A quick scan from another computer showed the
virus. I restarted the install formatting the disk in the process. Of course,
I had no AV running interference at the time. With an AV your probability
drops a couple orders of magnitude. But it's still non-zero.

{^_^} Joanne/W6MKU

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