Re: [SDRSharp] Re: No rtl-sdr/usb in dropdown menu

jdow <jdow@...>

I'm pretty sure it's involved with Zadig. They have a forum for discussing
it. I think you can find it via their SourceForge entry. There might even
be an answer already - heck - I'm sure there is. I don't have time to go
find it, though.


On 2013/07/06 09:55, jollyrgr3 wrote:

I went through the same problems. Try running SDRSharp.exe as an administrator. Right click > Run as Administrator. My install was correct as I see nothing different in what I have now VS numerous previous attempts. If I simply double click SDRSharp.exe and run it I get an error message and no rtl-sdr/usb. Run as Administrator and no error message and the USB device is there. I've confirmed this is the case, for me at least. I have not found where the issue resides but it is a Windows permission setting. This could be a file permission or something buried in the registry. Considering the suggestions I've received pointing to the "driver" not working I theorize the drivers are only available to "Administrator" (the Windows user).

I had downloaded the ADS-B software rtl1090.exe (my original inspiration for buying the dongles in the first place). It did not work either. I tested it after getting SDRSharp working. It was broken. I ran it as an administrator and no issues; I can see data from aircraft transponders.

I lock down my "user" logins to my computers for my normal day to day access. (I am an IT professional, specializing in security, and know the hazards of running as an administrator. I do not run as root on even my Linux boxes.)

When installing programs I am aware of the Right Click > Run as Administrator and use that when needed (as with Zadig.exe). I am kicking myself for not trying to run the base program as Administrator sooner. My guess is most of the people that run these programs (rtl1090, SDRSharp, etc.) are geeky like me but prefer to run as an administrator. I am far less reckless and avoid doing that. Or maybe I'm paranoid? :) I wish you luck and hope this helps you.

Hopefully someone is monitoring this thread that develops the software and can help troubleshoot where the problem lies. Based on previous experience with commercial software developers have coded as an administrator and don't see the permission problems.

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I downloaded SDR# v1.0.0.1000 and there is no rtl-sdr/usb in the drop down menu. The only help screen shots for configuration I can find so far relate to a previous version of SDR# so the screen shots are different and thus some instructions are outdated. Need help.


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