SDR# IF-Spectrum


In older SDR# (e.g. 1732) I could tune into the exact frequency with the help of the IF-Spectrum at the bottom of the screen.
In newer versions (e.g. 1842) the IF-Spectrum isn't there directly after the installation, but can be activated as "IF-Filter - Notch Processor" (similar app?).

But the new IF-Filter display is only a flat curve without the possibility to see the carrier.

I added two screenshots:
The 1st shows the reception of a VOR station at 115,2 MHz with SDR# 1732. It is very easy to adjust the peak in the IF-Spectrum to tune into the exact frequency. In addition I can move the sliders L and R to change the IF-Spectrum bandwidth.
The 2nd shows the same carrier with SDR# 1842 with the activated "IF-Filter - Notch Processor" app. This is only a flat curve without sharp peak (seems to be very low bandwidth, but cannot be changed).

My question is:
How can I get a similar IF-Spectrum display like with 1732 also with the newer versions?
Is there a simple way I don't see actually?

Or is the new "IF-Filter - Notch Processor" not the same as the "IF-Spectrum" of the older versions? If yes: can I add an app "IF-Spectrum" to the new versions?
Or is there a way other than over the IF-Spectrum to exactly tune to a known frequency e.g. for frequency calibration purposes?


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