Re: Airspy HF+ Discovery & WebSDR on Raspberry Pi


Hello is there a way I can get a copy of the websdr files?

the developer flat out refuses to give me a copy

it is the most blind friendlyness web sdr out there

I tried explaining this to him and he still refuses



On 2/27/2022 1:58 AM, SV1BTL wrote:

Ask first from Pieter-Tjerk de Boer (pa3fwm@...) to give you a fresh copy of WebSDR files (including websdr server).
Then contact me to give you a tutorial of how to setup it, so to work with Airspy Discovery and/or Airspy HF+, using WebSDR.
A working test server is here : WebSDR on SV1BTL in Athens, GR  (the server is occasionally available only for test purpose). The server is working with "bands", because of 768KHz bandwidth limits of Airspy HF+ and Discovery receivers. This fact causes a mess when more than one user is connected, specially when there is a user who wishes to QSY. That's why I don't advice sharing your server to public.
Special thanks to OH5HB for modified driver - GitHub - ON5HB/hfp_tcp: Rtl_tcp-server for the Airspy HF+ and Discovery for software. and SV2AMK for his help with band operation.

P.S. Although it possible to work with WebSDR and Airspy Discovery / HF+ using Rasspberry Pi 3 or 4, I think that SDR# and Spyserver is rather the best solution for sharing your receiver.

73 de SV1BTL (Emmanuel)

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