AirSpy R2 Heat buildup

invl160 Davis

My R2 gets very hot after just an hour or so of operating.  I recently attached two small heatsinks to the case to try and help it dissapate some of the heat. 
I think the performance is suffering when it gets hot.  What is the general experience with this issue.  I have two instances of WSJT-X running with the R2 (using SDRConsole)
on the left and TS590SG on the right.  Using SDRC and External radio feature  with the 590.  The R2 is using the ANT OUT port on the 590. The R2 decodes less than the 590 when its hot. 
When cold the differnce is not great at all.  I put the R2 in the freezer for an hour and it perormed more or less the same as the 590.

Frank VO1HP

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