Locked SDR++ crashing with Airspy R2 on MacOS Catalina


Huub & Alexandre & All , Hello 

To recap to All :    I have been unable to get SDR++ MacOS to play. 

Environment : Airspy R2,  SDR++  v1.0.5 MacOS/Intel, MacbookPro 10.15.7 (Catalina)

Behaviors/Anomaly : 

A) SDR++ would consistently crash & exit on subsequent attempts to run after the first attempt. I eventually noticed that this happened because the R2 was usually not attached when I started SDR++, but then I would attach R2, and then the operation of "Refresh" (to recognize the R2) would cause the crash. After that, the R2 was usually attached, and this would cause SDR++ to then crash on startup.

B) I discovered all that by trying the Airspy Discovery HF+ . The HF+ has no problems with SDR++ at all. This led me to try the R2 again whereupon I encountered the crashing again, and started trying all combinations of starting with R2, without R2, etc.

C) So the HF+ always Plays, the R2 never Plays. And incidentally, the RTL-SDR (Blog) V3 always plays too.

D) One other problem : Changing Frequency by Mouse Thumbwheel, is defective. I've tried two (2) different mouses, a USB mouse, & a bluetooth mouse. Both behave similarly anomalously, most thumbwheel movement goes un-responded, and any response is erratic and in the opposite direction.

Using Up/Down/L/R arrow keys (on keyboard) function perfectly well.

So if anyone knows what the problem/incompatibility with my R2 might be, please enlighten me !

& BTW, I like SDR++, I have not exercised all the features, but seems well organized with many settings clearly accessible. Thanks Alexandre !


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