Re: DAB plugin?


To see what the possibilities/difficulties are,first of all the API to match with shoulod be known,
One of my (simpler) projects is a DAB Library, with a handful of functions, but  some interface functions
-e.g. to select channel, display services etc etc - are needed and right now I do not know anything about SDR#
other than that it exists

Op zo 28 nov. 2021 om 16:17 schreef Paolo via <>:

I think it would definitely be an interesting and useful project for all current and future SDR# users... who hasn't taken advantage of it to hear music or news with the old FMW...   😉

Good projects to all !

73, Paolo iz1mll

Il 28/11/2021 15:07, prog ha scritto:
It shouldn't be that hard to encapsulate one of these Open Source projects as plugins for SDR#. Any one interested ? 

Jan van Katwijk

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