Looking for SDR idea suggestions.

KD7JYK DM09 <kd7jyk@...>

I've looked online on and off for a year or two, and haven't found an answer, or example to an idea I have.

Something along the lines of a scanner, or scanning, but an entire band, for example, 10m, or 20m, and if a signal is above a threshold, the receiver will stop on the frequency. Frequency would be unknown, so the entire band in reasonable steps for the mode.

Think of it as an old analog scanner search function, set low frequency limit, then high frequency limit, press search, something pops up, scanning stops until transmission ends, then continues. The idea is, if there are close, or strong signals on a band, such as a local net, or going into an area with some activity, but not sure where it is, the SDR could track it, so to speak, mode, AM, FM, SSB, et cetera, could be set after the first few hits.

From what I understand, an SDR is fast, so it seems if a signal pops up anywhere, and was above a threshold, searching/locking, then continuing would be nearly instantaneous until the next transmission

Anyone doing this already? I've found mention of people using some SDRs as a scanner, and putting in a few frequencies, like channels to search through, but I haven't found any references to sweeping all of 10m.

Ideas? Looking for examples of SDRs that can do this, software, some basic settings.



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