Re: Windows 10 Tablet Recommendations? #win10

David J Taylor

On 21/10/2021 19:32, Scott/KC1UA via wrote:
Thanks David,

After conducting quite a few hours of research I decided to take a chance on
this one. The seller offers 30 day returns, and the specs sound like they'll be
more than sufficient. It is small enough to fit into the form factor I'm
looking for and when I drop it on the floor or the ground it appears it'll
survive. I wish it had 1920 x 1080 resolution but I think I'll survive
nonetheless... <>

I'll follow up with how it performs once it's set up. Still interested in
people's setups and opinions though.
Scott - KC1UA
Marstons Mills, Cape Cod, MA USA
Looks good! Resolution is a good point, but with programmers moving to
"27-inch 4K" screens being able to fit everything on with smaller displays is
an important consideration.

Wish I'd seen that one myself!

David GM8ARV
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