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Ken Sejkora

Thanks for sharing that, Scott.  That looks like a nice platform for an SDR application, and the price is pretty attractive as well.  It would be interesting to know what audio chip is used in the integrated sound card, and what sampling rates it supports.  In most cases, an audio sampling rate of 48 ksps is more than adequate for listening, and even for many digital mode post-processing software products like fldigi, MultiPSK, wsjt-x, etc.  However, I seem to recall that some of the software used to process weather satellite images and other types of images are better suited to audio sampling rates of 96 ksps or 192 ksps.  Even if the on-board sound card didn’t support the higher audio sampling rates, an add-on USB sound ‘dongle’ might provide a solution to give you the higher sampling rates if you need it.


Keep us posted on your experience.  Thanks and 73.


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Thanks David,

After conducting quite a few hours of research I decided to take a chance on this one. The seller offers 30 day returns, and the specs sound like they'll be more than sufficient. It is small enough to fit into the form factor I'm looking for and when I drop it on the floor or the ground it appears it'll survive. I wish it had 1920 x 1080 resolution but I think I'll survive nonetheless...

I'll follow up with how it performs once it's set up. Still interested in people's setups and opinions though. 
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