Windows 10 Tablet Recommendations? #win10


Good morning,

Backstory: I have three portable SDR's. An authentic Malahit, a new Airinst SDR Dreamkit, and a very reliable Afedri LAN-IQ. While all are very nice in their own way, I find them lacking with regards to things I like to be able to do while portable and searching for signals. My primary interest is searching from 30 MHz and higher. 

Intent: I would like to run SDR# and an Airspy Mini as a portable setup. I would also really like to be able to cram DSD+ FL in there as well, along with a few of the more popular SDR# plug-ins such as the CTCSS and DCS decoders, and the frequency scanner. 

In search of: Current or recent Windows 10 tablet that will support the above. I would prefer to avoid Microsoft Surfaces as they appear to be "rather overpriced". I have searched in the group for tablet information and found some threads that are older but nothing really current. It would be used for this dedicated purpose and as such would not need to run any other software concurrently. I'm hoping something with 4 or 6 GB of RAM will be sufficient. I see them on Amazon in the mid $200 range.

Other stuff: I'm interested in any feedback with running SDR# from a touch screen and experiences good or bad with that. I'd likely look for a tablet with 2 standard USB ports and use a mouse. Also, I expect some interference issues given the proximity of antennas to the tablet. Are there any tablets that anyone has found to be less of an interference source, and/or how have you overcome or minimized any interference other than getting your antenna as far away from the laptop as possible; not always possible when portable.

Many thanks in advance for any assistance.

Scott - KC1UA
Marstons Mills, Cape Cod, MA USA

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