Re: HF+ rig control with cubicsdr #linux



I have initiated a conversation in both locations.Dan KC2STA

On Sun, Sep 5, 2021 at 12:13 PM Martin Smith via <> wrote:
> When I try to find them in WSJTx or CubicSDR, they do not show up. Perhaps
> because they are not in dev?

The best places to seek answers about WSJTx and/or CubicSDR is where there is the largest number of people with knowledge about them.
e.g. - "The chances are good that someone with similar interests and equipment has already solved your problem and will be happy to help."

Or possibly search through all their open and closes issues and see if someone else have, or had, a similar problem and possibly found a solution

Dan Ziolkowski KC2STA
SKCC #4290T
Ubuntu LINUX

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