Re: Virtual Audio Cable ( Muzychenko)

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Try this:

Open VAC Control Panel as an administrator
Select the Virtual Line in question
Toggle the "Volume Control" checkbox to see if that allows you to increase
volume to an acceptable level.
Repeat for other virtual lines if this yields the desired results.

Mine has the Volume Control checkbox cleared on all 4 lines so I use
whatever level controls are provided in the client software and VAC appears
to pass audio at a 1:1 level, so it's possible you are running an older
version of VAC when I recall this was not the case.

Hope this helps.

Bote Man

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Subject: [airspy] Virtual Audio Cable ( Muzychenko)

Using the above type of VAC on Win10 machine Recently noticed I have to
increase the master volume in SDR# to get a decent signal and that the
volume indicator in Jaero no longer lights up as it use to I have checked
all sound settings and all appear in Order I also use Tekmanoid decoder and
the waterfall indicator is very weak in that to even though the program
works ok On checking in VAC control panel The signal indicator shows very
little movement Anyone else come across this Any suggestions welcome Thanks
Derek Henderson

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