Re: Markers On Spectrum View ?



Frequency Manager and Scanner plugin allows to show the stations (or whatever) on its database superimposed in the Spectrum, also a window with a grid with the database contents and a small window with some details from the database of the frequency tuned, among many more things. It can import the EIBI database also. Ask if you want more info.


Ignacio EB4APL

El 27/04/2021 a las 15:03, rmrrgs escribió:

The more I use SDR#, the more impressed I am with it, and the more
I enjoy it.  Truly a terrific piece of software.

I guess there is work being done for a plug in that would show "Markers" directly on the Spectrum View.
Seem to remember something being mentioned by "black apple," or... a while back ?

I don't do twitter, so can't ask directly.

Anyone have any knowledge of this ?  Or, is there anything available now, that is similar ?

Would sure be nice to be able to show Markers on the Spectrum, taken from some database like eibi, e.g.

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