Airpsy R2 Gain Distribution and Filtering


I have 2 Airspy R2, both running RC10-6-g4008185. Frequency calibration looks fine. One is from around 2018, and the other I believe is from 2020.

The 2020 unit receives a weak signal at about 406 MHz with gain at 19, signal is -65 and noise floor is -75. The 2018 device receives the same signal at a gain of 14, signal is -75 and noise floor is -85. If I move the gain up on the older device, it quickly overloads and the noise floor is very high. I'm testing with no decimation.

If I put in an FM bandstop filter for 88-108, both devices perform essentially the same, with signal at -80 and noise floor of -90 with gain 14. I can increase gain to 19 with no overload on either device. Is there a difference in overload response between older and newer devices, or is this indicating a problem with one of them?


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