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That looks like a FLEX pager system. Did you compare them with the sounds here: and here:


On Wed, Apr 7, 2021 at 8:33 AM Monroe Pattillo <monroe_pattillo@...> wrote:
Still no joy.  SDR# build 1803, NFM, Bandwidth 12500, Squelch off (audio sometimes muted within SDR# to maintain sanity), AGC off, Tuner AGC off, RF Gain 19.7 dB, resulting SNR is high 20s (when signal present).  Have tried Order 1,000 and 10,000.  Have tried SPS of 3.2M and 1.024M.  I'm center tuned at 929,613,600 Hz in SE FL USA (your frequency likely to be different).  I've tried both a wideband 9dBi Yagi (arrowhead) and the short dipole that often comes with repurposed DVT-B SDR devices.

Do you have to hide/show POCSAG Decoder plug-in UI between tuner setting changes to re-sync it?

My RTL-SDR receiver is directly connected via USB (not on a remote receiver computer across a network connection).

Screenshot attached.

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On Wed, Apr  7, 2021 at 09:27 AM, Monroe Pattillo wrote:

> I can hear the signal and see it in the waterfall, but it’s not decoding.
> WFM is too wide, NFM is too narrow.  What were your settings for bandwidth,
> order, and gain, and do you have squelch disabled?

Bandwidth is adjustable in all modes?
(Defualt on NFM is probably 12.5kHz and that should be fine).
Gain is subjective and it's not possible to to say what it will be in a blanket way. As I said in an earlier reply, start with gain too low and slowly increase it rather than work the other way around.
I wouldn't use the squelch (but neither would I have the audio routed to speakers). You might miss an occasional message using the squelch but as long as you set it carefully you could use it.

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