Simple and inexpensive PVC Frame/Base for YouLoop #youloop


I found some 1 inch PVC plumbing parts while cleaning out the basement and made a simple frame/base for my YouLoop to make it easier to keep its shape and to have a support for it no matter where I'm using it. I used whatever pieces I had - one 4 way connector, 6 tees and one 90 degree angle plus a piece of 1 inch pipe cut into four 11.5 inch lengths for the cross pieces and the remainder for the stabilizer i. I glued the crosspieces where they go into the center 4 way connector but decided not to glue the other connections and used white duct tape instead. I routed the feedline through one side of the stabilizer. This should prevent the SMA connector at the antenna from being pulled on when I'm careless. I also added 2 zipties (near the top T in the photo) so I can hang it when a hook is available.  If you have to buy the parts, the cost should be minimal and assembly is a no brainer.

Linda Brodsky
Location" Malverne, NY ( 40.674652, -73.673324)
Receivers: SDRPlay RSPdx, Airspy R2, Funcube Pro+, Chaparral CR-10, Pansat R9500 FTA receiver
Antennas: PAR EF-SWL, YouLoop, Radio Shack Discone, rotatable VHF-UHF FM-TV antenna, 10ft BUD with C & Ku band LNBs

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