Re: Shouldn't need to state this... Don't open random files from the Internets #offtopic


I received the same email yesterday claiming to be in response to my recent posts about my Spyverter problem. I immediately thought the wording and a reference to a form I supposedly requested was odd.  I looked at the path of the email and it looked legit. Out of further curiosity, I Googled " to see if I could find someone there with that email address. No go.

I ran the link through an online malware detector and it came up negative on all the sites it checked. Then I decided to see if I could download the zipped file which had a .vbs doc in it, but Windows Defender would not let me  saying it detected a Trojan virus in it.  Defender has been known to be wrong before but at that point, my natural curiosity took a back seat to my natural skepticism and I went no further, other than forwarding the email to the group administrator asking whether the sender was a registered member of the group.

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