Shouldn't need to state this... Don't open random files from the Internets #offtopic

 Chris Spacone

I recently received a direct email from jara8426@... that contained a short cryptic message regarding a topic I and others have recently posted on.

I've never heard of this person so that was hint #1 and the message body contained no indication telling me whom it might have come from, hint#2.

The message body contained a link to and a document password, hint #3.

I downloaded the ZIP file and scanned it for virii, trojans and other potential villains, all came back negative. Hint #4.

I examined the ZIP file and it contained an oddly named file with a VBS extension. Hint #5.

I stopped there and deleted everything related to this. I may set up a playground and see what this thing intended to do but not terribly interested in expending a great deal of time on what is clearly a ham fisted hacking attempt.

So, if you get email from somebody you don't know, that isn't signed, that contains links you didn't ask for that point to files with questionable provenance you should probably do yourself a favor and delete it.

Remember, the vast majority of folks we meet are good, honest folk interested in the same thing we are, Airspy.

Remember also that there are bad actor out there as well and that you need to do your due diligence.


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