Re: Help me debug my spyverter


Everyone's input has been very helpful. I haven't had time to check the connector beyond determining that the center pin has not detached from the circuit board. I'm betting that the problem is the one Ron described. It's very possible that the PL259 to SMA adapter I used distorted the connector.  Now my problem will be trying to jumper directly to the board as he did.

I have had a Funcube Pro Plus for several years and attached/detached it from antennas many times and it hasn't given me a problem.  SMAs seem way too fragile to hold up for long and I started using a pigtale which I leave connected to the Funcube.  I probably should have done the same with the Spyverter as soon as I got it.

My recent exprience with SMAs hasn't been good. I bought a YouLoop a few months ago, before I got the Spyverter, and the pin in SMA male at one end of the feedline either wasn't soldered correctly or broke and fell out. I thought I'd try some RG58 coax with a PL259 that I had around with a adapter, but that seemed way too heavy, so I ordered a RG58 pigtail with SMA connectors which hasn't come in yet.

If I get the Spyverter working again, I am going to tape the end of the pigtail and the Spyverter to a piece of wood so there's less chance of it being damaged.

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