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On 6/28/2020 11:12 PM, jdow wrote:
Note that AirSpy HF+ (Discovery) modules do not speak 70 cm. So any results from trying to set such a frequency will lead to strange results. Only AirSpy and AirSpy (R2) cover that band, and lots of others up there without any HF coverage.


On 20200628 13:14:36, mcquillanj@... wrote:
i have an airspy discovery sdr,which i am delighted with , firmware 302bb , upgraded to 306bb and i have noticed when in the medium wave band i click on 7o cm the sdr stays on medium wave, but if i click on any other band then on to 70 cm the sdr will change to 70 cm this happens in sdr sharp and sdr consol can you tell me if this is normal behavour or has my unit developed a fault or is it just a quirk. best regards McQuillan email mcquillanj@...

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