Re: Airspy HF+ spare cable

Brian Gregory

I was lucky. I got a new laptop computer and as long as I use one of theĀ USB ports on the left hand side there isn't much USB noise. For even lower noise I operate off battery without AC power connected.

On Sun, 28 Jun 2020 at 09:15, h. garcia <pu3hag.l@...> wrote:
Hi Brian. Are you still fighting USB noise? Have you identified any approaches that seem mitigate it?

I suspect I have a USB noise issue, though I haven't made yet an in-depth investigation. So far, the only way I had AirSpy Discovery useable on MW was using an antenna 2-winding coil over a large cardboard box. I have the Youloop, but it's picking up too much noise.

On Fri, Jun 26, 2020, 1:17 PM Brian Gregory <bdgregory@...> wrote:
Ferrites where the cable just passes through once have very little
effect at HF frequencies.

So don't worry much about finding a cable with ferrites, or adding
ferrites to a more standard cable.

When I've actually had a problem with HF interference coming down the
USB cable a big ferrite toroid with 8 turns of USB cable through it made
only a slight difference.

Brian Gregory.

On 25/06/2020 16:28, jdow wrote:
> Amazon, NewEgg, even Best Buy probably has a cable that will work.
> Ideally you want one with ferrites on it. But, you can add your own.
> {^_^}
> On 20200625 02:22:14, Philippe Nicolas wrote:
>> Hello
>> Do you know where I could buy good spare cables (or original one) for
>> my Airspy HF+ Discovery ?
>> Raspberry lost the Discovery with this message in Dmesg : usb
>> 1-1.1.2-port3: Cannot enable. Maybe the USB cable is bad?
>> Thanks
>> Best regards
>> Philippe

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