Re: WFM no squelch, why and could it be added?


Never has worked with WFM. It was not designed for NFM.


On 20200406 06:30:34, Pekka Sorjonen wrote:
Hi Prog,
I am an active FM-dxer in 87.5 - 108MHZ and have been introducing myself SDR# on that band also. As a receiver I have Airspy HF+ DP and Discovery. Everything works like a clockwork. BUT! Why is the squelch not working in WFM. It would be really important to be able to squelch the noise for exemple when trying to catch a station via meteor scatter or just for scanning the band without the noise between stations. Saves your ears a lot.
Any possibility of adding it for future versions.
Pekka Sorjonen

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