Re: Station Identifying "Markers" In The Spectrum For SDR# ? #sdrsharp


Hi Bob,

Yes, the spectro area can display the stations you have in your memory banks.
Download "frequency manager" plugin by Vasili (
Note : there are issues if you use a dark theme, except Visual Studio 2012 (white characters on a white background ... not that easy to read). About 4 months ago, Vasili was about to release an update to fix this problem.


Le dim. 29 mars 2020 à 12:56, rmrrgs <rgsrose@...> a écrit :

Finally pretty much up to speed with SDR#.
Terrific program; really enjoying.
Thanks everyone for all the help.

Have noticed all the plug-ins that are also available.
Couldn't find the one I would really like, so instead of assuming
there is not one, thought I'd just ask.

Is there a plug-in that will put Markers down for the signal peaks showing in the Spectrum ?

In other words, have the program go to some loaded database, and correlating the peak frequency with the database,
and showing, with text, the stations on the Spectrum with a (vertical) line to the frequency peaks ?

CDR CONSOLE has this, and it's really "nice".

Anything similar in SDR# ?  Contemplated ?


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