Re: That AirSpy Logo Question: How To Prohibit It From Appearing, Please ? #sdrsharp


I have a lot of rtlsdr dongles. My chief use for SDRSharp is to use one of those dongles that is on an FM Yagi with NEAR line of sight to Mt. Wilson where all the transmitters live. I use it for background music feeding a dongle sound card. (With my ears that's plenty good enough. Don't get old!) It takes an almost annoying length of time for SDRSharp to get it's head together. Polling rtlsdr dongles takes a long time the way SDRSharp does it.


On 20200326 11:45:23, DXer wrote:
On Thu, Mar 26, 2020 at 02:21 PM, Neale Wade wrote:
I can drag it aside like any software logo screen
The plot thickens. Are you saying it does not go away after a couple of seconds?

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