Re: AirSpy You Loop Passive Magnetic Loop antenna ? #airspydiscovery


Seen worse.... Well, I have. I've always figured "if it conducts it radiates" ever since hanging a 15 meter 1/4 wave wire draped over a rafter in the attic with no ground and discovering it worked pretty good. I'd cut it to length by stomping on one end, holding it up at my head, and estimating that I needed "yay" much more wire, and cutting.

This was confirmed shortly after I joined Rockwell International in Anaheim. A trio of is made a trip to Tewksbury Mass. (That was an adventure including an overbooked hotel that put the group of us in a nearby "hot sheet joint" complete with a preused washcloth loaded with lipstick.) The group we talked with mentioned a new patent (it used superregen radios as intercom transceivers N-way duplex) and their broad band vertical antenna work for 30 MHz to 90 MHz for a manpack. They determined that the best they could do for real broadband use was a shunt resistor at the base of a whip about as long as a manpack can support. Seems somebody else is marketing such a beastie. But he's not calling it broadband that I know if. For narrow band matching it's dreadful.


On 20200325 06:48:32, DXer wrote:
On Wed, Mar 25, 2020 at 06:53 AM, Martin - G8JNJ wrote:
Yes really, I think it's possibly another (in)famous example of work by the
artist Piero Manzoni.
I'm not into avant-garde art. I did not know about Manzoni, but the little I now read about him, the guy was a genius. Sadly he died so young.
It reminded me of a 60 Minutes (US TV show) segment about art, and art connoisseurs. I think this is the link describing said segment:
As for the MLA-30 loop, very good 'investigative' work on your page. It's usable though, and as you said, better than no antenna. I've seen worse.
Sorry for the off-topic. I'm changing the subject line, let's see if it sticks.

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