Re: AirSpy You Loop Passive Magnetic Loop antenna ? #airspydiscovery


Well, to be fair to the guy consider that the need for amplification goes down with frequency because the loop becomes more efficient until it is on the rough order of 1/10 wavelength in diameter. But, that loss of gain is accompanied by an increase in IMD. That part is not necessarily a good thing. And if the knob is not well isolated it will interact with the OpAmp unpleasantly with respect to gain changes as the hand touches it and loss of magic blue smoke on the part of the amplifier due to static electricity. On balance the design is not one I'd be proud of enough to sell it.


On 20200325 03:49:53, Martin - G8JNJ via Groups.Io wrote:
On Tue, Mar 24, 2020 at 11:07 PM, jdow wrote:
Yes really, I think it's possibly another (in)famous example of work by the artist Piero Manzoni.
You'll never know if it's genuine unless you open it up :-)

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