Re: AirSpy You Loop Passive Magnetic Loop antenna ? #airspydiscovery


I believe the ARRL handbook is a good beginner's way to come up to speed. I'd recommend it in your case. The pattern is, as has been noted, a figure 8 with the nulls in the plane of the loop. Looking on the AirSpy website should give you more details about the loop and it's construction and at least rough specifications.


On 20200322 04:13:34, rmrrgs wrote:
Hi Folks.
Saw a brief writeup on the YouLoop Passive Magnetic Loop Antenna that
recently became available. Cheap enough at only bout $ 30.
Am very weak on antenna theory, so let me please ask you experts out there.
I do only receiving, up to about 30 MHz.  No transmitting.
Presently use a 30 foot simple long wire outside.
Leaves a lot to be desired.
Due to space restrictions, would be hard to make longer.
a. Might anyone offer any opinions as to whether this antenna might be worth trying ?
b. What is the diameter of the loop ?
c. Is it "directional", in that I would always have to orient it to the station location I want to receive ?
    If so, Is it "very" directional ?
         Most sensitive in the plane of the loop, or at 90 degrees to it ?
Would appreciate any thoughts on.
Pros and cons, limitations, etc.

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