Re: The YouLoop antenna is on sale #announcements


Is it suitable for outdoor installation?
It's basically about waterproofing the SMA connectors. Waterproofing tape should be enough for permanent outdoors installation.

Is it rigid enough to hold it's shape symmetrically, or would you suggest taping it to a suitably sized plastic hula hoop (65 cm would do it).
Yes, it's rigid enough.

Would you consider offering an option for a larger loop?
Why not? I can replace the two 1m legs with 2m ones.

with a cheap 30dB preamp from ebay it works really well
Leif SM5BSZ demonstrated a nice video with this antenna about 3 years ago. One interesting aspect is the reduced response to wide band noise compared to a long wire antenna. A simple FET preamp can help the reception dramatically when the loop is used with "standard" HF receivers with high NF. The preamp he built has about 20 dB of gain.
Check this video :

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