Re: The YouLoop antenna is on sale #announcements


A couple of questions - which could be answered on your presentation page. Is it suitable for outdoor installation? Is it rigid enough to hold it's shape symmetrically, or would you suggest taping it to a suitably sized plastic hula hoop (65 cm would do it). Would you consider offering an option for a larger loop?

For info: I've built a 1.2 m diameter loop based on the george smart article. It's not the mobius version of his design, but with a cheap 30dB preamp from ebay it works really well. After a life-time of wanting to received North American MW stations and never succeeding in a noisy urban environment I can now get VOCM 590, WOR 710, WBBR 1130 on a regular basis. Not usually at good strengths but amazing for a small antenna. So I'd love to try a mobius version and you done all the hard work with the balun and phasing unit.

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