Re: Spectrum Frequency Axis display issue in R1732 - with low sample rate


On 20200315 17:54:36, Ian DXer wrote:

Absolutely! Couldn't agree more :-)  All those factors were thought of.
Back in my college years at the school of Electronics Engineering one of the expectations of our teachers were for students to account for all possible sources of error & their contribution/influence on the results in our concluding
remarks in our lab reports. Mind you having a 100kW TV transmitter tower right next door to the classrooms & student lab equipment (/especially when 'some' test equipment leads were unshielded/) really didn't help with some of
results. I look back & smile ;-)
Ah memories. I talked my counselor into letting me take EE201 a semester early, the very beginning of the EE specific college courses. It's lab was called "The Toaster Lab" by the initiates. We very literally used toaster elements as resistors in the lab. We were divided into three person teams. I don't know if it was exactly accidental the freshman in a sophomore class was in a team with "the kid with professional experience." The third student was the expected level of student for the lab. Experienced and I would whirl through the measurements required with notes and all. Then we spent the rest of the hour nattering with the instructor. I'd been a ham for several years by that time and knew which end got hot and how to calculate how hot. Experienced was working part time at a TV station in Detroit at the time. He participated in their installation of color transmitters. The instructor had a similar level of experience. War stories were properly exchanged. And our third reworked the lab on his own and says he learned FAR more that way, doing it watching us then doing it himself until he got the same results really helped. College was fun. I was studying what I loved.

The kW next door and I are old friends from a couple incidents including the current setting. I have to keep on Loren to twist his test leads together to minimize the loop antenna size when he's working in the lab and I come in to kibbitz. (Yeah, we were made for each other and are joined at the hip.)

Incidentally, for those who have read this far twisted pairs work so well chiefly because they reduce the size of the loop antenna they form. (Then you get into the second and third order effects such as the different dielectric constants of white with red stripe and red with white stripe. (No fooling, you CAN see and measure that at audio frequencies!)


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