Re: Experimenting with Frequency Alignment with HF+ DP/SDR# & Leo Bodnar Mini GPS Clk

Ian DXer

On Mon, Mar 16, 2020 at 08:35 AM, jdow wrote:
Are you absolutely sure Leo's frequency synthesizer is providing you with the precision you think it is?
No not certain at all.
Spec says: Long term stability of output signal is defined by high accuracy of GPS Caesium references and approaches 1x10-12
That defines stability. 'Seams' good enough for my purposes.
Would be nice for someone with both a precision calibrated signal generator AND same Leo Bodnar mini GPS freq clock to compare results.
That might be interesting. 
Might look later if enthused sufficiently to use the Leo Bodnar signal source with SDR-Console for some testing. At home with a head-cold at the moment. Fortunately not Xi disease!

jdow>"do it right" for calibrating...……………... It's not "fun"
True, it's tedious...

Stay safe.

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