Re: Spectrum Frequency Axis display issue in R1732 - with low sample rate


Read my immediately prior message to this one. It is NOT "calibrated" unless you go through the steps. Depending on time of day and whether or not the other radios are colocated with yours and the readings are simumtaneous 1Hz is a SMALL error on HF.

Then ask the right question, what is the step size of the frequency synthesizer in the HF+ models AND the other "calibrated" SDRs? If you want extreme accuracy get to know your instruments intimately so you know their sources of error.


On 20200315 03:30:18, Patrick wrote:
Then why does my unit always read +1Hz when comparing - in real time - the same MW carriers - with people who run properly calibrated SDR (Perseus, G31, G33, etc) using a signal generator ?
Le dim. 15 mars 2020 à 11:05, prog <@prog <mailto:@prog>> a écrit :
DO NOT calibrate using ambient RF signals. Use hfplus_ppb.exe and a real
calibrated signal generator. We have been discussing this for years.

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